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Generosity consists not of the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed.

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SMIT- Upkeep those renounced by the society

Everyone deserves love, care, and a sense of belonging. The sad truth of today’s India is that as a society, we have forgotten how to give love when we aren’t getting materialistic benefits in return. The current fate and state of many of our elderly truly reflect the deeply seated degradation in our ethics and morality. 

Children from the lesser developed regions of India often become the victim of human trafficking and forced into begging. Cases of stone pelting, physical, sexual and verbal abuse on mentally unstable people have become far too common all over the country. What has the world come to? In any case, SMIT has been brought into existence to provide refuge and protection to such people and help them lead better lives.

Our history is replete with instances where the generosity not only of kings and emperors but also the common man has been established beyond doubt. Generosity and inclusiveness, in turn, gave rise to unmeasured prosperity. India wasn’t called the Golden Bird for nothing. It’s beyond doubt that our welcoming nature as a society and graciousness towards one and all led to the genesis of one of the world’s greatest, most prosperous and longest sustaining civilizations. Touching our elder’s feet as a sign of respect is still one of the defining gestures in our country. SMIT is working towards reinstating these virtues even in modern India.

We, Indians, were pioneers of a culture that had “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” (The World is our Family) as one of its core guiding philosophies. We welcomed people with open arms when the Chinese were busy building The Great Wall to keep outsiders away.

Sadly, the concept of the world as our family has been reduced to nothing less than mere words that students learn in primary schools. And this is not acceptable anymore. At SMIT, we are fighting hard to restore balance and humanity to an India that barely appears human.

SMIT isn’t a typical institution that does the bare minimum to allow the rich to make donations so that they can get deductions on their income taxes. We run on principles- not for publicity. We truly care!

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